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to much respect for a girl after shagging her which means you wont "kiss and tell"
word on the street is u shagged that gal? na man got to much hucks for her to chat about it!
por merch12345678910 22 de Novembro de 2011
1 1
To sanitize a great literary work to conform with the politically correct language of the day.
I hear they are removing the "N" word from the school versions of Huckleberry Finn. What will they HUCK up next - take all the curse words out of Catcher In The Rye?
por Braised Cod 06 de Janeiro de 2011
1 1
A proper noun. The Canadian version of the german last name Huche. Possibly the most rad last name a person can possess.
"Who was that guy"
"They call him Huck, I believe"
"Damn girl, gotta me some of that"
por Michael Huck 20 de Dezembro de 2007
10 10
This is a biking "style" there while in the air, you realize you are going to land flat. Like when jumping stairs or smaller dirt jumps. You hit the ground and let out a yell that sounds like "huck" or "hork." Try jumping down a set of... say 8 or 9 stairs on a hardtail and guaranteed you will probably make this noise.
huck! ah, damn my tires popped.
por -Generic- 22 de Junho de 2007
1 1
To nag, annoy or otherwise bother.

Apparently dervived from Yiddish, seems to be used in the NE USA.
Don't huck me about my work. Stop hucking me about doing my chores.
por Bill68Bos 06 de Junho de 2007
7 7
Random outburst of flemish excitement or pspness
Hucking. also pronounced huagh as in "huagh huagh"
por Ipper 24 de Maio de 2008
2 3
a long pass to the endzone in a game of frisbee.
Damn Dan just caught and tight huck.
por bellatrix 14 de Agosto de 2004
19 20