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Dude tha blunt was hoss
por Squirrel Master 21 de Julho de 2003
35 63
A very large amount of chewing tobacco or dip
Today my friend was eating some shredded jerky and the teacher was like "Is that chew?" He said "No way nigga its jerky". So my teacher goes "Oh ok, I don't mind if you eat it, but I don't want you putting it in your lip and walking around like your packing a big ol hoss".
por smokeabowl 23 de Outubro de 2007
8 37
THE most versatile word in the english language. can be used for anything imaginable
yo dude throw that hoss
that hoss was really hossin me
were gonna go hoss that hoss
por matt ovenden 02 de Janeiro de 2005
29 58
Awesome, out of control
We got drunk for three days straight, That shit was HOSS.
por Joie-Tricia 24 de Setembro de 2004
12 42
1. A pig
2. someone beefy
I'll take a hoss sandwich
I'll take a hoss sandwich
por Daniel C 26 de Junho de 2003
20 50
(n) also can be a butch dikey chick who could kick your ass
(adj) hossy
that mammoth girl is a frickin hoss
that hossy chick just beat the shit out of the entire wrestling team
por dolman 23 de Fevereiro de 2003
18 48
To over indulge by eating mass quantities of food, increasing fat storage whereby a state of bloating has occured.
"I just hossed out on that buffet"
por Al ralphs & Ryan MacKenzie 16 de Fevereiro de 2003
7 37