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when one has exausted all resources and is reduced to the insane condition of toting a small travel bag, aimlessly riding buses, selling plasma, nodding-out in public libraries, standing in welfare lines, eating in soup kitchens, walking in a dream, sleeping in shelters and parks, worrying about the next fix, and knowing that going to jail is a step up on the social ladder.
Dude, maybe he's homeless because he's mental, can't care for himself, and nobody cares.
por Mack C 22 de Janeiro de 2007
Just a normal person like you or I who didn't have much support growing up and ended up without a house. Some of these people are very intelligent, but just don't see a need to follow this "status quo" that everyone else follows. They understand that being lazy is something that is actually sought out for and not something to be ashamed of. All you assholes pretty much could've been a homeless person, but you barely escaped the gap. Shame on you assholes.
I have a 120 point IQ, yet I barely failed high school and now I'm homeless on the streets because my parents didn't want to harbor a high school dropout.
por PoidLover 05 de Junho de 2007
Somebody without a permanent home or residence. Usually can be found in public parks smoking weed and yelling at innocent people, sitting in the bus stop listening to a radio, on the freeway underpass, lying down on the sidewalk, or at Jack-in-the-Box.
I was in Jack-in-the-Box with my friends cuz we had to use the bathroom, and we had a conversation with a homeless guy there about 70's music.
por Angelacia 03 de Maio de 2007
a person without a home. homeless people often sleep in parks, shelters, vehicles, or boxes. the government does not care for homeless people, which is why they exist in the first place, so the only people left to help the homeless people are non-profits and religious groups. many homeless people are veterans. this is because once the millitary is done trying to get them killed for a foreign policy mistake, they leave them to fend for themselves even though they do not have a home, hve possibly alienated thier family, and are not well educated. many other homeless people are mentally less capable. these homeless people are harder to help, because they of their mental illness, homelessness is a vicious cycle.
jimmy dropped out of high school because he did not have the type of intelligence the teachers wanted. while still a smart person, jimmy asked the wrong question, so he got bad grades. his parents would not support him because he had dropped out, so he lived out of his car. because he did not have a degree, he could not find work. wothout a scource of income, he was forced to panhandle on a street corner in order to afford fast food. now jimmy is considered homeless
por william dawes 05 de Janeiro de 2009
Lets drive away from all the closed minded definitions and try to properly define a 'homeless' individual. The most common form of homeless is the addict; these people come from abusive families, relationships and lives of many different forms. These forms usually end up in shelters and the dark parts of outside due to addiction or mental illness.
In another direction you get the vagrants who use train hopping and hitch hiking as a means of getting around, these types are very similar to the above and can often get into more trouble(they range from street punks to low life backwash.)

On the brighter side of this life you get the few odd types who chose ancient survival methods over modern day survival. These types typically do not stay in shelters or the sidewalks and are far more difficult to locate due to the fact that many of them do a lot of walking across country. These usually range from odd aboriginals trying to live out their traditions to the so called anarcho-primitivist movements. Many of these types vary in their survival methods. Very rarely do you find one that knows everything on how to survive like our ancestors did.
Not all homeless are depressed, insane or trash you know...
por mcfauky 15 de Janeiro de 2011
multiple homeless persons. more than one. plural.
As I walked down the street, I saw copious amounts of homelesses sleeping on the benches.
por Loni Kerrigan 24 de Junho de 2007
A person who hangs out at a psychosocial clubhouse all day to sleep on the couch or surf the internet all day.
The homeless people at a clubhouse are mostly veterans!
Why should I go to the clubhouse? I'm not homeless!
por Robert Presto 05 de Dezembro de 2007
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