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A time when a form of sexual activity has occured.
Cameron had happy day with kim last night.
#sex #blowjob #handjob #happy time #orgasm
por Wudofudo 25 de Junho de 2007
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to be pleased about the current situation, to everything is all good
"england have just won the world cup" says bob
"fuckin happy days" says the fonz
por maximus tentius 04 de Maio de 2004
A 70's-era American TV series set in the 1950's, and starring, among others, Henry Winkler and Ron Howard. It was a very wholesome, family-oriented show, and was very loved for it's feel-good quality, and overall innocence, and remains quite popular to this day.
"Last night, "Happy Days" was on for 3 hours, and it was fun to watch."
#1950's americana #the fonz #ritchie #mr. c #drive-ins
por Katey777 24 de Julho de 2009
Something that a complete cock says when he is happy about something.
Man: "I got that girls number for you:
Sox: "oh happy days"
#cock #happy #sox #days #man
por Kolomboki 27 de Dezembro de 2010
when there is a fit girl that walks past.
a fit girl walks past an then someone says "happy days mate" and nods head in direction of girl.
#fit #hot #girls #happy #days
por tom siv 20 de Junho de 2007
to perform a sexual act
Cameron had happy day with Kim
#sexy time #sex #blowjob #handjob #orgy #happy time
por Wudofudo 02 de Julho de 2007
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