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To give somebody an evil look, or a look of disgust.
Used frequently in Newcatle upon Tyne and surrounding areas.
I saw Sally in town yesterday and she gave me a hacky.
por missmotjeku 01 de Novembro de 2004
26 10
North Eastern term

Hacky - to be mucky or dirty
"He's all hacky from playing football"
por Ezzer 03 de Agosto de 2007
22 5
Dirty or scummy, a northern/geordie word similar to manky
eww...she's a rank, dank, hacky skank
por Lloth 27 de Julho de 2003
21 8
like the evils, or the evil eye. when someone gives you a dirty look when they are angry with you or dont like you. short for hackie looks.
"OMG! That chav jst gave me serious hackies"
por JustMeX 11 de Outubro de 2008
8 3
Adj. hackneyed productions for media consumption; e.g. television and radio shows, movies, etc.
McDonald's commercials are hacky.
por Tark Mwain 17 de Fevereiro de 2005
11 13