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Mean, Sour, Ugly, Grimmy
Ayo son yo moms is fuckin grinchy as hell
por scott 18 de Março de 2005
15 10
that good superb chronic usually very green and smells as good.
yeah i got that grinchy in this weekend u wanna sacc?
por cze 19 de Julho de 2005
12 16
to get down; to make a scene i.g. act a donkey; also an abbreviation for 'Grincy Gaffix LLC'
"I'ma gettin' GRINCHY with it! Na na naaa!"

"Tay and Kevz get GRINCHY on stage!"

"Grinchy Gaffix LLC is a top design firm in the United States."
por The Grinch Machine 30 de Julho de 2008
7 12
Ugly, Smelly, Skanky
Ayo son ur moms is a grincy ass whore
por scott 19 de Março de 2005
7 12