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A retarded abbreviation of the two words "got to."

It is only used by idiots because of the following:
1. It's longer than writing "got to."
2. The correct way of saying it is "have to."
I gotsta get this shoe out of my ass.
por Deezy 24 de Junho de 2003
Ghetto bastardization of "have to"
I gotsta get paid, b.
por madprophetridx 24 de Junho de 2003
How Rugrats pronunce 'gotta' or 'got to' or even 'have to'.
We gotsta sabe the dawggy from teh Vacflume Streamer!@!1111111!!!!!1!11!1!
por B-Drac 03 de Setembro de 2003
slang for "got to"
"I gotsta get paid!"
por Usonvi 20 de Junho de 2003
Have to, got to.
I gotsta go get me some grub.
por Raina 26 de Junho de 2003
Something that you feel a strong urge to do.
I gotsta get some money before the bank takes my car.
por J-ME 24 de Junho de 2003
A Vanilla-Ice-style way of saying "I/you/her/she/we/they" must.
The slowest selling album of all time "Screech gotsta get fonky."
por rapmasta 25 de Maio de 2004