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Give up at whatever you suck at.
You suck at life you should give up
por The Guy that Gives up 09 de Abril de 2004
A feeling or desire when beauty cannot be seen.
There must have been hundreds of subtle influences disguised as whispers that amounted to one strong presence of a voice that said: Give up.
#frustration #inner #never give up #hope #life #love #truth #lies
por exploreuncertain 01 de Julho de 2010
Slang for sweatpants, and other scummy clothes. They are dubbed so because when you wear sweatpants you have given up on your life, and fashion, for the day.
Tessa must have been out late last night. She looks tired and has her Give-Ups on.
#sweatpants #sweats #scummy #clothes #scrubb
por sierralikestomakeupwords 02 de Fevereiro de 2010
Sweatpants, when you have no plans for physical activities.
Andrew looked pretty lame wearing his give-ups.
#sweatpants #sweetpants #sweats #wal-mart #elastic waste
por Larwrence Cymbura 10 de Maio de 2008
1. A Gaming Term for attack moves that generally go upward. Compare 'Take Down' (Move), 'Give Out' (Synonym)
2. To surrender. Compare "Take Down", 'Give In'
Smith: "It's time for a Take Down, John!"
John "You got it coming!"
John took down (a smack) upon Smith
John "Give Up, Smith!"
Smith: "You got it coming!"
Smith gave up (a punch) upon John
It's a Draw!
#uppercut #take down #surrender #give out #gave up #took down
por AeonZeon 04 de Abril de 2015
FRANCE: we give up.
U.S.: what a shocker!!!
#give up #five up #give #up #down
por jlava 05 de Novembro de 2009
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