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Telling someone to fuck off or go fuck themselves.
That '70s Show characters telling each other to get bent when they're pissed at each other.
Hyde: get bent!
#fuck off #piss off #go to hell #fuck yourself #fuck you
por justine d 31 de Dezembro de 2005
a less offensive phrase used in a refusal to perform a chore. "fuck off".
"i need this paperwork done"
"well, you can just get bent"
por tf 07 de Julho de 2004
basicly telling someone to go to hell or fuckoff. also it means to get bent over and have anal sex. a word of warning do not tell parents to get bent instead say go to hell!!! or to save your self from getting grounded dont say anything at all.
that 70's show uses this term alot: for example
kelso:isnt every night poker night for edna!
hyde:get bent ya moron
#fuckoff #gotohell #getlost #goaway #skrewyou
por nikki-nouz 04 de Novembro de 2006
A put down in the vein of Fuck You and Piss Off only less offensive
"Choose a lane you lousy woman driver"
"get Bent"
por SteveDave 09 de Maio de 2003
Go away. Fuck off. Go fuck yourself.
Crowley: I don't need your help. Get bent, Moose.
#fuck off #go away #no #go fuck yourself #piss off
por LikesToBeLazy 23 de Outubro de 2014
"Get Bent!": Literally meaning "bend over so I can fuck you in the ass", get bent is an expletive like any other. By omitting any curse words in this particular assertion of hate, "Get Bent!" retains the severity of a "go fuck yourself" or a "fuck off" all the while staying somewhat innocent. The kind of expletive you could use in front of your grandmother, or when damning a nun.
"Get bent you nun-bitch!"
#fuck you #fuck off #eat my scrotum #get bent #get bend
por Brou ha ha 19 de Julho de 2013
telling someone off without foul language
Are you still here? Get Bent
#fuck off #kick rocks #beat feet #go away #take a hike #get fucked
por friendly a$$hole 27 de Setembro de 2010
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