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1. An outdoors covered "hut thing"
2. Often used for flassing
3. Used in exchange for words such as "wow"
We sat under the gazebo when it rained.
Robin enjoys flassing his mother with a gazebo.
I just won the lottery! Gazebo!
por larry says hi 14 de Outubro de 2005
22 14
A hut thing.
We'll meet up under the gazebo.
To the hut thing!
por ET2QT 02 de Setembro de 2003
65 25
A creature that may be found in a field in a game of D & D and attacked.
"I attack the gazebo"
"it just stays there...its a gazebo"
por kinkybinky32 29 de Junho de 2004
69 34
A Gazebo is a spontaneous lesbian moment. Upon this occurance, all surrounding males must shout out the word 'Gazebo', informing all other males of the entertainment.
*Two attractive girls kiss*
Brad and Nathan - OMG! GAZEBO!
por D&B Lesbians 10 de Abril de 2011
7 2
Pronounced gaze-bo, something you say when you want someone to get out of your face.

Can be used as a substitute for Q.E.D.
Gazebo get out of my face.

A = B, B =C
By the transitive properties of congruence, A = C. Gazebo.
por Sarqah 26 de Setembro de 2008
15 10
Sometimes called 'Gazebu'
A small house without walls and usually a roof with a hole. Very easy to break. Great place to hang out.
"To the gazebo we go"
por Queen Lillith 01 de Maio de 2006
10 8
When four attractive male's are having sex doggystyle with four females forming a + shape wile the females are kissing and the males are high fiving each other
Ross Demay, Andrew Dozier, Bryan Allen and Jared Poindexter are going to run a Gazebo on some slut's.
por Drew242435 15 de Janeiro de 2010
6 7