Someone who can be described as bisexual. A person who is attracted to both sexes.
"I saw your girl and her girlfriend the other day, damn I didn't know she was funny" (male to male conversation)
#funny #bi #bisexual #bi-curious #girls like girls
por Hoodie da Boodie 28 de Maio de 2008
1. haha
2. strange
1. person 1: ouch
person 2: haha!
2. that's funny, i could have sworn there was something in my pants
por ken 07 de Maio de 2003
When something makes you laugh, funny is the thing that made you laugh, and it's funny you didn't know.
Steve: Hey paul, what did you get your wife for the anniversery.
Paul: She wanted something she could use in the driveway that would go 0 to 300 in 80 seconds.
Steve: So what did you get her?
Paul: I put our bathroom scale on te driveway.
Steve: Thats not Funny... your a bully!
#hilarious #histerical #heavy #teehee #haha
por Blue Eaten Nummy Tummy Food! 17 de Outubro de 2009
A term from the 70's that implies that one may be homosexual.
Son: Mom why does Uncle Leroy always have his 'friend' Sabastian with him whenever we see him?
Mother: Son, well you see, the family has conclude Uncle Leroy might be kinda funny.
#homo #queer #friend #gay #fag
por B JizZle 24 de Setembro de 2006
poop is funny
#funny #laugh #fun #happy #2girls1cup #poop
por samslurpee 06 de Julho de 2010
An adjective that describes your face.
You're funny!...looking.
#joke #harsh #fun #laugh #lame
por ladynz 24 de Abril de 2008
Im just a funny kinda guy

to make you naturally laugh
That linzi doran and skye mc kinnon are funny kinda guys :L
#skye #mckinnon #linzi #denise #doran
por LinziandSkyeFan12 09 de Março de 2009
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