A fish orgy. Particularly gay fish orgies.
Watch the little mermaid part three.
por Ungay 08 de Abril de 2003
a really hot guy.
wish for a fish!!
por daria 01 de Março de 2003
something talia can spend hours watching and not get bored, cutest thing on earth!
fish + talia = happy =D
To take out from a body of water an animal or thing.

Fishing is an old man's sport. Bass fishing is a pseudo sport but is cool for video games. Go fish is a card game.
I fish sometimes. The thigh high boots and fishing poles are so fabulous. Anyways I'd drop my contact lens into the water and wind up fishing for those.
por sukebe 15 de Dezembro de 2006
to chase girls
we all fish and smoke
por blitz jean 02 de Janeiro de 2004
Meat. Not.
Fish is commonly understood to be meat. It is not.
por Peterson 02 de Setembro de 2003
a man called kasim kayani
u fukin fish fo shizzle dizzle
por joe tattersaul 04 de Fevereiro de 2004

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