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The most beautiful girl in the world. There is only one.
Josie, you are my faerie.
por ImAFaerieToo! 01 de Outubro de 2011
44 18
The proper spelling of fairy. Everyone has their own faerie and daemon. Especially useful in magick if you're a Witch or Wiccan.
"I have a faerie called Feather Hailwitch"
por evilfaeriequeen 13 de Março de 2004
110 84
Faeries are earth spirits. They live among each element completely hidden. They have cousins called Pixies. Pixies however, are very mischevious. They enjoy tormenting other creatures for fun. Little pranksters.. I hope you never meet one. Pixies have a bad reputation for finding a creature and clinging to them until death. Faeries can be somewhat close to a Pixie, but mostly they are loving, playful, and carry with them a child-like enthusiasm for life. Hide among the pedals of a Daisy, you are a Faerie.
I have a faerie, but I shan't find it yet.
por xbloody_Niñax 23 de Dezembro de 2006
52 39
Faerie noun.
Any of a number of Celtic spirits.
I saw a Faerie last night. It ate my cat.
por Corey s. 16 de Dezembro de 2005
37 40
A homosexual man or woman.
My friend Ryan is such a faerie that he has sex with men frequently.
por KFCConspiracy 26 de Setembro de 2006
30 89