a website that you become so addicted to, you procrastinate while on facebook and do not do your homework, therefore failing your class.
F is for Facebook! I was on facebook last night and didnt study for my test, so i got an F!
#facebook #failure #website #fail #myspace
por j-man frootloop 26 de Maio de 2008
Some stupid community site that is slow as shit. Pretty much like any other community site where you can - upload pics, setup a profile, etc etc - it gives you such features though like becoming a fan of actors, musicians, etc and joining groups. theres a ton of useless shit on there like applications that overload the servers and make the site slow as f***ing shit, by the time a page loads a snail already made it across the border. FACEBOOK DELETE THE USELESS APPS AND ALL THAT STUPID SHIT YOUR LOSING USERS.
i hate facebook its the slowest site in the world. one of the reasons my friend broke his computer. f*** facebook
#facebook #internet #community #site #slow
por TBoggard87 11 de Julho de 2009
A recent alternative for myspace for many teens, although the site was made for college students. Teens switching from myspace to facebook don't seem to realize that it is easier for those 50yrold guys to find you on facebook, especially when you are putting your full name, your address, phone number, AIM screen name, picture, highschool, age, etc. with full sense of security; where as with myspace, it is rare to see someone put any of their real info, and your only chance of getting stalked, raped, videotaped for a teen sex site, and finally killed with your body thrown in a New York dumpster is slim, and only happens when you put half naked pictures up, take yourself off of private, and talk to people you dont know informing them that you are horny and want to meet up.. eventually giving who you thought was a 16yr like yourself your address. With Facebook, you don't even have to talk to someone to be stalked, raped, and killed. Just put in all that personal info because the news never talks about facebook so it must be safe, and tada! You may be answering your door next week to the man who will murder you. Thanks Facebook! =)
My math teacher sent me a message on facebook last week! I don't know how he found me!
#facebook #online #myspace #stalker #rape #murder #social
por Bandgeek0207 15 de Julho de 2008
A social networking site designed to suck you dry of all time, violate your privacy, and connect you with your friends.
I found Peter on Facebook, but now he knows I've been shacking up with his girlfriend.
#myspace #facebook stalk #facebooked #social networking #fb
por esbar 06 de Fevereiro de 2010
The reason why the percentage of sexual predators went up.
Person 1: Wow, hey look at this, it says in the newspaper that the sexual predators percentage went up by fifty percent.

Person 2: Oh, that doesn't surprise me at all. It's that high because of facebook.
#stalk #facebook #sexual predators #pedophile #sexual #predator #percentage
por Borgie Baby 24 de Outubro de 2011
A networking site much like Myspace that lonely people go to and add random people as friends since they don't have any in real life and then try to brag to everyone about how they have 3000 friends. But nobody gives a shit.
Bob: Ew, look, it's that loner Ryan.
Andy: What do you mean, I heard he has like 10000 friends.
Bob: On Facebook.

Andy: Oh what a fag. Let's go take a shit on him.
#face #book #ass #shit #freinds
por Blueshout 06 de Setembro de 2010
Most efficient, discreet, time consuming and wasting, stalking system known to man to this day. Facebook is the best and safest online network to stalk without being caught (unless you post a comment on or "Like" the stalking object of course!)
Oh my god, they broke up, i saw it last night on facebook!

or again

i saw her picture on facebook, she's gained so much weight!

and again:

did u see the people he/she hangs out with?!
#stalk #discreet #efficient #time-consuming #network
por Lilz 2 22 de Novembro de 2009
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