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A word that's meaning is "down to fish"

not to be misconscived as "down to fuck"
ey, you dtf this afternoon?

yea man lets go hit up those lmb at the lake
por LMB fshr 12 de Outubro de 2011
3 9
Acronym for "Down To Film."
Movie Director: I want everyone to be DTF in 10 minutes!
por unicorn333 09 de Março de 2011
3 13
Abbreviation meaning, Down To F**k. commonly known to most and coined and by jersey shore cast.

1. noun defining the status of a lady one just met at a club
Boy: you DTF?
girl: what?
boy: down to fuck

example 2
Boy: I am so mad you messed it up for me that chick was totally DTF
boy #2: what was I supposed to do? you left me with a grenade. I am not the best wingman, I'm sorry. I didnt want her to blow up.
por dadeezlilprincess 15 de Janeiro de 2011
7 18
Down to frolic
Kristy: Hey Kevin are you DTF?
Keving: No.
por Kass-0o 31 de Julho de 2009
19 34
Short for "Do the Fun".

Mostly said by FOBs.
"DTF" Stands for "Do The Fun"!
por dtfffff 23 de Outubro de 2010
4 23
droppin' taco farts
"I got plenty of bike riding in tonight, and am totally DTF." -Adam

"We all had tacos at the birthday party, and in the car on th eway home everyone was DTF! It smelled horrible!"
por profcorpse 02 de Setembro de 2009
25 45
down to feast
ive got some raging funger. Im so Dtf
por itsKGbreh 23 de Setembro de 2009
13 34