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An amazingly delicious ice cream cone filled with chocolate and peanuts
Taylor: "Can i have a dollar"
Alex: "Why"
Taylor: "Cause i want one of those amazing delectable drumstick cones"
por yelsom8 15 de Março de 2008
64 14
The best part of the chicken.
I was pissed off because my sister took the last drumstick out of the KFC bucket of chicken.
por lisa cant 09 de Janeiro de 2007
55 25
a strong stick of wood used for drumming
I have drumsticks
por po po joe 05 de Dezembro de 2003
30 11
Name for a Gay man; the equivalent of klondike.
"is he gay?"
"Yeah, he's a total drumstick"
por hahahahahahahahaha1 26 de Abril de 2009
15 10
See: Masturbation Toy
"Chase Rodrigue asked me for a drumstick."
por Rob. 02 de Fevereiro de 2003
18 23
A term used to describe the female wingman. Typically brought out to bars and clubs to prevent social awkwardness by providing entertainment for an interested party's wingman. The drumstick is not meant to outshine the primary party.
"Hey man, that girl is pretty, but her drumstick is a struggler."
por ZMannnnnzzzzzz 09 de Maio de 2008
6 13
They look like drum sticks... but they're really replacement arms for when I SNAP! Andrew Skinny Arms' arms/legs off because they are so skinny!
Greg Dewire is too stupid to be able to play the he gives his drum sticks to Andrew Skinny Arms when his stick arms/stick legs fall off!

por Home slice 03 de Novembro de 2004
9 16