Top Definition
To spit a freestyle, Flow.
C'mon dogg drop some knowledge for us.
#droppin #knowledge #drop #some #flow
por BRik 08 de Dezembro de 2006
Can refer to beating someone either in a game, contest, or beating them to within an inch of their life.
Let's play Halo this weekend and I will drop some knowledge on you.
#schooled #learned #taken to class #educated #beat down
por JAK 4B 21 de Setembro de 2010
to receive oral sex or the act of oral sex
josh-so did that chick at the party last night drop some knowledge?

ray-hell yeah! she gave me head on the ride to her place.
#head #brain #dome #blowjob #oral sex
por partyliquor08 13 de Agosto de 2008
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