The term that you use when someone is stupid but you don't want to use the word stupid to describe them, so you call them " Dipshit"
You dipshit!!! That's not how you do that!!!
por Music is LIFE, Music is LOVE 25 de Julho de 2016
(noun) One who is lacking in mental capability to understand life's simplest things, such as completing a simple task given or simply opening a jar of mayonnaise without assistance.
1) "Wow, you drank that entire gallon of lethal fluids? You're such a dipshit!"

2) Anyone with lower than a 12th Grade education is often a dipshit or does dipshit type things.

3) Every Will Ferrell Movie involves his character being a dipshit.

4) "Wow, did you just run into a door? You're such a dipshit!"
por President of JMV Mom Fan Club 30 de Novembro de 2013
a dumb fuckhead who fucks shit up with no dick. a dipshit has a lame ass face which induces pain in children. their high pitched woman voices attract child molesters which then proceed to butt-fuck their small brains out.
"hey look its gage"
"wow he is such a dipshit"
por kliljjjjj 14 de Agosto de 2011
It took some reative Americans, to invent dipshit. I don't know the precise circumstance that led the first American (probably a teenage male) to gaze at his friend and say, "You are a real dipshit," but we do know that the first literary attestation of the world was in the 1963 book American Speech. It meant a stupid, inept, or contemptible person; an idiot. Here is the inaugural sentence: "Pejorative expressions traditionally directed at the supposedly less sophisticated rural resident: country bumpkin, dipshit, etc." By the time we get to 1970 we definitely have an American usage of the term: "It's not the dumb, jerkoff dipshits that are doing it.." And then, from Rolling Stone in 2003, a magazine put out by Wenner publications (where my daughter worked for a while): "A cowboy isn't some dipshit with a ten-gallon hat and a dinner plate on his belt." Well, since there are more than 600,000 other attestations of the term, there is no need for me to multiply references to it. But you get the point. "Dipshit" emerged at a time when the language of invective or insult was underg oing dramatic change in America. (Ref: Bill Long 11/26/2006)
(A waiter may be heard saying)..."Some dip shit left his wallet on the table."
por M Sams 30 de Novembro de 2007
name for someone who is a stupid asshole or they are just cocky jerks who thnk they know everything.
person1:"can you hand me a pen please"
dipshit:"who me?"
person1:"no the fucking wall...yes you dipshit"

student1:"whats 525/89?"
student2:"you are soo stupid, thats easy!"
student1:"look dipshit i didnt ask you and no one gives a shit if you can do math"
por ooklynnbray allsmay 22 de Fevereiro de 2011
the act of dipping tobacco while going number 2
dude i just took the best dip shit ever
por oakton hs 01 de Novembro de 2009
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