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Used to be god of Assassins.
Deathrip = God
#deathrip #assassin #aion #pro #god
por uMadBrah? 20 de Junho de 2011
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When a person takes large rips of tobacco from a form of paraphernalia, usually a bong, causing them to cough and then feel relaxed and dizzy for up to five minutes. This affect is much more intense and lasts longer than smoking cigarettes.
Last night was amazing, I took 15 death rips from my bong and then donkey konged some chick!
#bong #pipe #hits #cigarettes #smoke #donkey konged #sober #death rurps
por hello_there_miss_insane_351 24 de Novembro de 2010
Any idea (noun) that has the potential to cause at least mild inconvenience.
The traffic on 84 is the death-rips.

That machine gun nest firing at us is the death-rips.
#death-rip #death-rips #death #rip #rips
por Joe V 03 de Novembro de 2006
a fatty bong bowl packed to the top with ganja & tabacco (can be layered). FUCKS YOUS UP way more than normal ganja. gives light-headedness, possibly sick. its not a true death rip unless you RIP it key word R.I.P that bong!
ryan:lets take a fatty death rip! (d-rip)
tg: those fucking fade...lets hit the warrior...
ryan:im down
#d-rip #death rip #mixed bowl #b&g #suck my ass
por toolfinder 07 de Dezembro de 2005
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