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A person or object that persists on being a "Cunt", so much so that the technical term for this is being a or sharing the attributes of a "Bag of Cunts"; A "Cuntbag" if you will.
You sir, are a Cuntbag of the highest calibre...
por Vladimir_Putting_In_You 01 de Abril de 2011
A collection of highly concentrated vaginas, usually residing within a being, rendering them a complete and total cunt/pussy/twat.
Taylor is a cuntbag
por Jakeisawesome 12 de Agosto de 2008
Someone who is a total duche and spends very little time away from his cum soaken cumputer.
My CuntBag friends and I are going on NT chat tonight, are you?
por NikeTalking 27 de Julho de 2008
the biggest fag you know ultimate piece of shit
hey can u pass the you can get it ur a cuntbag
por cot4life 20 de Dezembro de 2007
Alternatively spelled without space (Cuntbag)

Where some one behaves in such a cunt like manner it is not possible to brand them a "cunt" sing. they are a whole bag full of them. Therefore a "cunt bag"
Cunt: Erro i like pie and penetration. I take it that you do also?

You: What a cunt.

Cunt: Has a spaz attack to try to be funny

You: What a cunt bag...
por Dat Franchise Boy 08 de Janeiro de 2008
Y O U!
you, my friend, are a cunt bag.
por poooh teee tang 01 de Outubro de 2009
A bag of vagina.
(cunt is slang for vagina)
Simon: You're a cunt bag!
por Simon Balda 20 de Março de 2008