A word used to describe an amazing guitarist who kicks ass at improv and speaks through music more than words.
Dude! That was a sick-ass crumpets solo!
#drew #guitarist #andrew #jazz guitar #music #improvisation.
por cheesygrins 16 de Fevereiro de 2010
A noun which is a similie for the term 'pussy' thus meaning the female gentalia. Or, to be blunt, the vagina. Its existence owes itself to the somehow holey and spongy nature of the vagina. It can be used both factually and in slang.
"Her crumpet was perfectly healthy, despite her concerns."
"Lads, I'm on the hunt for some crumpet tonight"
#vagina #genitals #female #pussy #sex
por KiwiGarlic123 12 de Setembro de 2014
another word for female genitalia.
"Please Ma'am, may I put some love butter on your crumpets?"
#poontang #pussy #love muffins #the hooded warrior #cunt.
por Bradly J. mitchell 23 de Outubro de 2007
A common term used for a toilet brush cleaner. England. Noun.
There is a huge shit in the toilet. Where is the crumpet?!
#crumpet #toilet #brush #cleaner #doodie
por pea123456 06 de Fevereiro de 2013
little round bits of fyeness
Dude, hand me another crumpet. These are fye as heck and go great with tea!
#english #cookie #tea #muffin #cake
por The One Guy 27 de Setembro de 2007
A code word used for weed to keep suspicious parents in the dark.
Hey James, me you and Laura gona go eat some crumpets later?
#weed #smoke #dube #cheech #chong
por Captn Luke 26 de Fevereiro de 2007
The conversation starter when theres an awkward silence.
J: "Crumpet"
A: "WHAT?"
A: "So how are ya James?
por r0x0rmyj0x0rz 03 de Abril de 2004
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