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Dat ho be got dem crotch crickets
por yul 05 de Junho de 2003
40 24
A southern colloqial for a severe case of pubic crabs.
The bitch's crotch crickets were so bad, her gynocologyst had to call Orkin, just to get a "pap" smear......
por moon doggie 27 de Abril de 2003
96 24
Another name for "Phthiris pubis", the pubic louse (crabs).
Joey had sexual relations with a dirty girl, and was afflicted with a nasty case of crotch crickets.
por Derek Smith 09 de Maio de 2003
26 5
A pubic louse.
I'mo gonna give dat biotch da kobe special if i found out she gave me crotch crickets.
por 50 cent crack dealer 31 de Julho de 2003
39 19
A louse.

A cootie.

A small creature that lives in pubic hair and which moves from person to person at every 0pportunity.
Elspeth has a splendid herd of crotch crickets.
por Cap'n Bullmoose 24 de Setembro de 2007
29 16
A louse

A Crab

A tick

A small tick-like annoying pest that lives in pubic hair, and has a parasitic relationship with the human body.
Man I got so shit-faced last night. I don't remember a thing. However, i'm guessing a had sex because i woke up with a few nasty crotch crickets on my pubes.
por ACannon 08 de Abril de 2008
12 1