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used in perth, australia to think something is dardy or wicked. mainly used in crack circles
yea i got a coota half weight the other day ba
por boothead69 16 de Janeiro de 2008
The fat that hangs off the inner thighs of a fat chick that looks like two streched out bags of golf balls.
"Man dude, that chick got cootums and a fupa. She's a gunt away from having a snak pak."
por red devils 26 de Março de 2007
The genitals of a hermaphrodite
A combiniation of a scrotum and a coochie
Often used as an insult
Did you hear that Jessica has a cootume?
por Jennacydal 06 de Junho de 2010
I want some coota tonight.
por JRIZZY 26 de Outubro de 2003
good weed
id spin that shit. its coota
por goodwin 1 04 de Agosto de 2009
Created by a user on yahoo this word means Pussy. The word came from coochie which came from pussy which is of course a vagina.
Damn I bet she has a tight coota.
por Crystal 15 de Janeiro de 2005