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It is of Itailian origin, and it is a cube, or a block, full of cock(s)
You dumb ass hoe cockblock.
por cockblock101 11 de Março de 2005
9 33
Christana Fox, no really, i would have scored if it wasn't for that bitch
well, she is a huge cock block
por Dude 08 de Agosto de 2004
9 36
Any stupid/retarded/stereo-typical reasons that a woman will not have sex with a bf/ husband. Its basically a blockage of their vagina hence a cock block. For the boyfriend after being together for at least 3 and a half months and having oral with each other, saying that you are "not ready" to have sex is one of the most common cock-blocks and is inexecusable. For the Husband, saying that you are not in the mood is also unexceptable. If you have a baby within the last year or are pregnant those do not meet the requirements to be called a cock-block. The woman being on her period is the one acceptable excuse and does not qualify as a cock-block
" Man me and my girl have been together have been together for 6 months and we still havent had sex yet!"
"Damn dude, thats a real cock-block she's putting up there."

"It's been a year since me and Charlotte had Timmy and she still doesn't want to have sex....Fuck her stupid cock-blocks"
por Singpow 02 de Janeiro de 2008
5 33
Term used in racing and Video Games. When a car is a lot slower than another car and the slower car pulls out in front of the faster car to get a push.
Driver #1: I'm going to get a little push of this guy

Driver #2: He's trying to cockblock me!
por GTBrett 09 de Junho de 2005
5 35
A pramface. Or generally a rough slag.
Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen - cockblocks, both of 'em.
por Mika 20 de Outubro de 2003
8 41
When a woman turns you off so badly that you cannot get an erection for at least 5 years afterwards, see Christine Hamilton
God the queen mother looks pretty, shit no she's such a cock block
por jammyjames60 03 de Junho de 2004
2 38
When a chick hasn,t had a bowel movement in awhile and a giant turd blocks your entry into her stink hole.
I wasn,t able to get no backdoor action from my girl because she had a serious case of cock block going on.
por J.J. Done 10 de Dezembro de 2003
9 46