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a pair of rims 20 inches and above that are chrome painted.
damn look at that lexus rinin on chromes
por stephen stocker 23 de Fevereiro de 2005
7 7
Coins. Due to the silver color of most coins.
I lost all my money and things aren't looking up. That bum on the corner has more chrome in his cup.
por Chrome7 23 de Janeiro de 2013
1 3
Another gun, That has a silver tone to it.
I threw tha chrome to his dome.
por gfsds 08 de Fevereiro de 2009
9 13
To chrome - to have sex
last night i went to go chrome this girl when she texted me saying she drank too much...bitch
por Senathan Rome 03 de Abril de 2011
4 10
To randomly leave a conversation without notification, as to go away from keyboard or leave the computer.
Man "Yeh I know, last night was fun"

*10 minutes later..*
Man "You chromed"
por no287 07 de Agosto de 2009
5 11
Another name for 'cool' or 'awesome'

Spread around the Nashville area recently
"They had valet parking at their house party last night!"

"That's chrome, yo!"
por JFreshB 27 de Maio de 2009
21 28
A handgun, gat, or other fine peice of ghetto machinery.
Due to the fact that they're nickel plated, they shine like chrome.
Some man tried to come in my home, take my chrome, I said yo it's on.

por Axleandre 13 de Outubro de 2007
15 22