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An amazing fun loving girl who gets all the boys. She has a huge rack and knows how to use it. She's beautiful, smart, popular, and a true friend.
My best friend is amazing.
Well duh her names Chi
por mushroomsrule02 02 de Novembro de 2011
7 8
Local slang for the British city of Chichester, West Sussex
Are you going to Chi tonight?
por Mrep 12 de Abril de 2011
4 5
An independent, down ass chick whose only bad quality is the fact that she is racist.
I like that girl, but she is a Chi. She doesn't like Mexican people.
por soft chunky lips 05 de Fevereiro de 2010
9 10
The cutest and sweetest persocom from the series "Chobits"
Chi is so cute!
por Hikari 15 de Setembro de 2003
42 43
To consistently bunk appointments and randomly turn up one day not knowing what the fuck was going on
I hate this subject so much but because of the exams, I had to do a Chi.
por Zed Jenkens 02 de Dezembro de 2009
2 4
A type of person who will suck your dick for a cheaap cheaaaap price. Is also using a trap girl.
My best friend is a Chi. It's sad though, she use to be a much better person.
por bia_bia_mia 19 de Março de 2010
5 8
short for a child molester. (it is spelled "CH" then as many "I's" as you want depending on how creepy the person is)
I think that old man is a huge chiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
por TheOGhodge 13 de Dezembro de 2009
7 11