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A word used for emphasis when talking about something good. Derived from cheeya which means the same thing. One can add as many "e"s as they need.
"So Tom, did you get lucky last night?"
#chee #cheee #cheeee #cheeya #cheeeya #cheeeeya #cheeeee
por Brother Thomas 05 de Janeiro de 2009
Another word for Marijuana
Lets get some chee tonight.

I chee'd hard last night

Cheehar is a pothead
#weed #marijuana #dope #cheedah #tha gooshy #stickyicky
por Fooxy 17 de Maio de 2007
Greek Village Colloquialism maybe derived from the Turkish

I have to stop and do Chees.
#urine #piss #pee #water #micturation
por I am Greek 08 de Agosto de 2009
a wa wa poodle lama!
edward, you are my chee
#lama #edward #poodle #wawa #poo
por poddlelama 02 de Setembro de 2010
to smoke weed! in the simplist, happiest, activity- oriented way
used for convenience and quickness. also a more positive, friendly way to smoke (counter- "blaze, burn, get high" :: more sketchy/psa sounding)
chee now!

ooo i miss you! chee after class?
come over soon and we will watch that dank new movie and cheee!
#blaze #smoke #bake #burn #dank
por ganjababetimestwo 30 de Setembro de 2009
Cool and funky way of saying 'yeah'. Taken from Chipmunk's song Chip Diddy Chip
'Chee i love music baby...'
#chipmunk #yeah #cheee #cheeeeee #cheeeeeeeeeee
por mat098 26 de Abril de 2009
1. An interchangable term -- used in a given sentence or on its own -- to express disbelief, astonishment, disappointment, or realization.

2. Alternatively, it can be used simply as filler.
1. Sir Emery Capitan, in comment to the evening nourishments, expresses most disappointedly "Chee... your soup seems to lack the perfect spices this evening, Cook."

2. In light of the supernatural occurence happening in Jon Bob Smiths very own backyard, he simple voiced a barely audible "Chee" as the ghostly fireworks sent him into blindness.
por Ren 25 de Novembro de 2002
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