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The plastic jewlery (necklaces, bracelets etc.) worn at raves. They are used for trading or just for show. They usually glow, like glowsticks.
That is some tight candy you have there, would you like to trade with mine?
por Julie 07 de Agosto de 2004
261 179

1. euphamism for sex
2. something (usually flashy like a lure) used to get sex
3. drugs, particularly cocaine, crack, or E
1. Hey little girl, want some candy?

2. Hey little girl, want some candy?

3. Hey little girl, want some candy?
por Joe Boggs 23 de Dezembro de 2003
1565 571
a sweet food made of 100% sugar that children love to eat
"Like stealing candy from a baby..."
por i've got the remedy 15 de Agosto de 2004
832 456
Code word for the club drug known as ecstacy.
por Joshiro007 15 de Fevereiro de 2003
603 319
1:The most kick ass substance ever! Made of 100% sugar! It comes in all flavors and is the equivalent of crack 4 kids!

2:Plastic jewelry worn at raves!

3:Code name 4 crack!
Any way u use it, Candy=FUN!
por Chrizzy 04 de Maio de 2006
523 257
candy is a lovely person with a great personality and good looking. every guy wants candy. always smiling and making jokes and cheerig everyone up. every girl wants to be a candy.
guy: i want a candy.
por kimilar 02 de Fevereiro de 2011
180 75
Plastic jewelry worn at raves.
Where did you buy that candy?
por echotech 22 de Março de 2004
317 263