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1. Completely fucked. Totally screwed up, broken, shit.

2. To be "cacked". or covered, and completely fucked because of it.
1. "Goddamnit, this computer is completely cacked."

2. "HAHAHA You fell over and landed in pig shit, you're cacked with shit!"
por distortion 07 de Novembro de 2003
53 29
The act of finishing a bowl of marijuana.
"Hey man, give me a rip."
"Sorry, but it's cacked."
por AlexFB 05 de Julho de 2006
46 28
A word used to describe your state of being. Can also be a verb. similar to Fuck
Lets get cacked!

This dude is cacked!

Lets get high!
This dude is fucked!
por The minimalist party 01 de Novembro de 2011
7 5
To be incredibly drunk or to drink an excess amount of alcohol
I got cacked off of that thirty rack last night
por Blazed Joker 26 de Julho de 2009
13 15
Died suddenly. Typically used to describe the improbable outcome of death due to unusual or unlikely circumstances.
The guy was a marathoner his whole life, model of fitness for everyone we know. He was taking out the garbage this morning when he just cacked.
por LKool 14 de Junho de 2007
20 24
an expelled turd
that turd floating in the bowl looks freshly cacked
por churd2 26 de Janeiro de 2009
8 13
1) adj. when an object becomes severely damaged
2) adj. when a human becomes extremely injured by way of drinking or other substance enhanced state
3) adj. when a situation becomes intolerable
Man Simko was really Cacked when he broke ripped the door off the bathroom stall. The whole stall is completely Cacked dude.
por The Smiling Bandit 02 de Março de 2005
7 14