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To steal; to borrow without asking.
I cabbaged my roommate's beer from the fridge last night.
por Tess27 04 de Dezembro de 2006
word used to describe a womans out of control pubic hair.
i was gonna go down on my girl but when she dropped her panties, i was like damn, i'm not a vegatarian, thats way to much cabbage for my taste
por kas 11 de Julho de 2005
Someone's head, usually when doing something violent/less than favorable to it.
"You'll get your fuckin' face erased from your cabbage." - Ill Bill
por Traaan 08 de Julho de 2010
The horrible remains of a flung or wiped booger on the men's room wall that seems to stare back at you while you take a piss.
"Damn dude I went and took a piss and there is fucking cabbage all over the wall."
por Funkbut 14 de Março de 2010
A fat boy with usually blonde hair who wears a green shirt almost everyday.
Stephan is being a cabbage again.
por Luke Cox 19 de Outubro de 2008
luggage cart used at a hotel
He was riding the cabbage through to hotel.
por that one girllll 03 de Março de 2008
an old granny vagina, with flaps etc..
'wop it up a cabbage'
por Phill Newton 01 de Fevereiro de 2008