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bunkus, noun, adjective,
naught, bunkum, bogus, false, nonsensical, without logic or reason

from modern English, bunkum, bogus
...his words amounted to bunkus
...he reasoned with bunkus logic
por Kerry Wallace 12 de Março de 2006
13 2
a hot girl you can never get
My my! Check out that bunku over there!
Whoa! She's bunku like!
por bubble bobble 12 de Junho de 2009
4 3
Noun, meaning butt (ass, etc.)

The example below is one I fondly remember my mother using back in Alabama in the early 50's.
"Lord, child! Your face is so dirty it looks like you been suckin' a money's bunkus!"
por CodgerFinn 28 de Janeiro de 2008
1 1