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Bucksome is an adjective- it means to have big tits.
That women is bucksome.
por Abbii 14 de Julho de 2004
Spelling mistake for buxom. Used by rednecks who have never seen a dictionary and believe a large bust must be paid for.
Yo mama's so bucksome she can eat corn on the cob through a picket fence.

That girl is as bucksome as a dollar bill.
por ms7821 20 de Agosto de 2010
A guy who is really well built, proportioned and hot.
"Hey do you know if Tracey has a partner?"

"Yeah he's really bucksome dude, too bad!"
por Bananaman4 01 de Novembro de 2008
more than a dollar
i got a bucksome
por dickinyamouth helicopter 06 de Novembro de 2003
a term reflecting sizeable molars, a la ronaldo, van hooijdonk and dwayne dibley
put that snitzel snandwich down and get to work on this bottle top, you bucksome goon
por karl kanis 05 de Março de 2003