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The nickname of a smart and beautiful girl
Dude have you met brookie yet
#beautiful #sexy #intelligent #hot #genius #smart
por grayfoxmg1 27 de Outubro de 2007
A super cool girl, commonly blond, very athletic, smiles a lot, gets lots of guys, and is very popular. Also very easy to talk to and is very honest and a great friend.
#cool #blonde #athletic #guys #friend
por watchamean!!@# 03 de Agosto de 2010
A common nickname for girls named Brooke. Though Brookes are often seen as perky, blond, bitchy, and shallow, there are a number of intelligent, brunette Brookies who have to live with these stereotypes. If you come across one of these rare finds, you can most likely get their attention by talking about alternative and rock music, biting them (such as on the arm or shoulder), or ranting about the government in a non pompous way. Or just scream, "RACCOON." Brookies love raccoons.
"See that new girl?"

"Yeah.... She aint like most Brookes."

"I believe she prefers Brookie. Imma get her attention."


#brookie #brooke #raccoon #brook #nickname
por Lady Art3mis 03 de Maio de 2013
A sweet little wookie. Very forgetful. Normally has long curly blond hair, almost like cousin "it". Very pretty. Likes to wear revealing cloths.
I wish we had a brookie to play with.
#blonde #curly #sweet #forgetful #pretty.
por picwalled 10 de Abril de 2011
A chocolate cookie with brownie qualities.
Thomas ate a brookie during lunch.
#cookie #brownie #chocolate #brooky #brooki
por Christina0890 06 de Novembro de 2007
fisherman's vernacular for a brook trout, commonly found in the streams of northeastern Minnesota and elsewhere in the United States
I hauled in a 12" brookie down in the beaver pond yesterday.
#specks #speckled trout #brook trout #aurora trout #freshwater fish
por MIDxxWEST 23 de Março de 2008
A super skeeze of a girl who freely gives head to anyone with a penis or anythin that slightly resembles a penis. Pretty much any slutty girl in Brunswick County, NC.
Damn, that girl's disgusting, she's a straight Brookie.
#brunswick county #brookie #gross #skeezer #slut #dick sucker
por nwodtaeb. 26 de Janeiro de 2010
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