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A space between too cars that is for fighting.
Lets go to the bottle and settle this!
por sam wheat 12 de Abril de 2004
5 20
1. The act of muffeling a woman while she reaches orgasm for any reason, and trying not to get caught by her/your parents.
" I stuck my tongue down her throat to bottle that slut"
por Scherme 03 de Junho de 2003
4 19
"I am so bottle today"
"No surprise there.. You have got a huge test today"
por xMidnightShowx 10 de Abril de 2007
6 22
The act of using the common household object best suited to insert into a female's vagina
We can do whatever we want if we win? Dude Mikey, we're totally gonna bottle Natalie on Friday.
por Jimmee Dean 01 de Maio de 2005
2 19
This refers to a person. Especially one from a minority or a race or religion other than your own.
I hate bottles!

Bottles killed my father and raped my mother!

person 1: Two bottles just moved in next door.

person 2: Oh shit! There goes the neighborhood.
por I H8 Bottles 16 de Dezembro de 2004
7 25
An abnormally large Penis. One that will satisfy and woman. Commenly used to confuse small children to make them think they are understanding
There is no way you dick is as large as my bottle.
por "E" to the "ric"/hollywood 04 de Dezembro de 2006
3 22
When a girl is so fucking skinny that she has no figure whatsoever and has a body shaped like a bottle of water
What are you doing with Garrett's bottle?
por dykeassbitch 19 de Fevereiro de 2003
7 30