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when girls (sometimes men) are physically capable of separating their butt cheeks and shake it. their is no movement in anyother body part, not the legs or lower back, just simply the bootay. its crazyyy
dayum dat beezy sure no how to booty pop that ass.
#hip hop #dutty wine #ghetto dance #shake #salsa
por PIMPMaSTERMOFO 27 de Setembro de 2006
panties that make lil booties POP!!! (mostly for little white girls) aka enhancing underwear that gives you junk in yo trunk.
My girl wears two pair of booty pops, her ass look good, but when we gets bizzy she aint got nothing for me to holds on to, aint that a bitch.
#booty #pops #booty pops #ass #underwear #thongs #panties #ba dunka dunk #junk in the trunk #anal
por gr8headgetter 04 de Junho de 2009
Contrary to what some may think, this is not a form of dance but more accurately described as a traditional, tribal mating display.
The booty pop is seen in Wally world.
#booty shaking #ass dance #not dancing #tribal mating display #dancing
por MariaCasting 22 de Janeiro de 2012
A wonderful little invention for people with very flat butts. It is a set of padded undies that make you look like you have a voluptuous butt and its AWESOME!
Kelly Ripa wears BootyPop!
#bootypop #booty #poping #pop #butt
por Dr.Polin 16 de Dezembro de 2009
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