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a good looking person.
usually used towards a girl.
can be used instead of buffting.
'damn that girl is boomting',
por lovelyjubbly 16 de Abril de 2006
269 66
Slang word describing someone as buff, fit, sexy, choong, peng.

'boom' as in wow! amazing!

'ting' as slang for 'thing' (a person)

"She Is A Boom Ting!"

"Boom Ting Over There"

por Sparklin..Gash-x 08 de Abril de 2007
136 28
Usually used to describe a "buff girl" i.e That gal is booomting! but also used to describe that something is "sick"
i.e that goal was booooomting! Word orginated from two henley college boys, Daki and Fez
"That girl is boomting"
"That goal was boomting"
por Ed De Cruz 04 de Junho de 2006
150 81
The best of the best
that weed was Boom Ting weed
por Brendan 12 de Dezembro de 2003
86 52
To be extremely hot.
Katie leask is boomting!
por J-Star. 08 de Dezembro de 2007
85 64
Adjective, noun. The best, brilliant, amazing. Something that is amazing.
That's the absolute boom-ting!
por Robski 14 de Fevereiro de 2005
15 4
To describe an event, action or object. Something that was or is fantastic, amazing and generally epic.
Oh my god that was a funny drinking session, BOOMTINGS!!!
por Saint of chalfont ends 27 de Junho de 2009
8 3