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Ähmm, short for boogers??
Dudes desk was full of boogs!
por bigassmedallion 05 de Setembro de 2013

1. nasty; gross; not having proper etiquette

2. trifling or ratchet
"Look at the girl picking her nose."
"I know. That is so boog."
por KeezyOnTheTrack 01 de Julho de 2012
It is the truncated diminutive form of "Boogie", which is sometimes used in conjunction with a lover's first initial. To create a nickname of the form __-Boogs. For instance if you had a lover named "Jason", you would give him the nickname J-Boogs.
We are just 2 "Boogs" in a "Boogs" pod.
por C-Boogs 31 de Dezembro de 2011
Someone who has smelly feet and big toe nails,somestimes doesn't wash.
Jamie,Tramp,What do you want from me ,The howler Boogs
por diesel100 14 de Outubro de 2007
A humerous mode of transport
Look at that little old boogs driving down the street.
por DanTheMan 15 de Dezembro de 2004
dirty leecher
por Anonymous 26 de Janeiro de 2003
Boog is a term used when drunk to describe anything you want

It can replace certain words, such as names
Boog, what you doing?

Dude, that party was boog.

How drunk is he? He's booged it.
por Owenk 05 de Julho de 2011