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the action of the hunt of the mamary glands. If one is to be slaped by one of the female gender this is considered a compliment. usually practiced in mating season.
im going boobing
let me come
por jiga the nigga 12 de Dezembro de 2004
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Gently or firmly pressing one's boobs against another (or vice versa) in a non-sexual situation.
Sally: Your handwriting is terrible!
Joe: That's because you were boobing me as I was writing.
por Thuan Le 09 de Setembro de 2007
The act of showing your boobs on camera
Anisa got banned from blogtv for boobing!
por JJay13 13 de Janeiro de 2011
The G-rated term for titty fucking.
My face got in the way while I was boobing my boyfriend last night.
por chronic-shock 10 de Julho de 2008
The act of breast feeding an infant or older
I walked through the door to see my wife boobing the baby.
por Jayden Wyatt 14 de Agosto de 2009
to rub yo titties all up on da other persons titties n it makes yaso hot and its just uhmazin you'll love it
por vulvadiver 05 de Setembro de 2009
(v) to create (esp. draw) boobs (esp. mostly unclothed).
He's the only one capable of boobing here.
por SirFartknocker 09 de Abril de 2011

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