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To bust ass, or let a particularly "ripe one" loose.
After eating chili and hard boiled eggs for lunch, phil bogged in class and cleared the room.
por thatoneguywhodoesthings 16 de Fevereiro de 2007
6 17
Shit or crap etc.
I need s bog real bad!
por Chimp 15 de Agosto de 2003
12 23
Euphemism: pertaining to female genitalia; full, wet and swollen with life.
A cunnilinguist by trade, Stephen liked nothing more than dredging the bog from time to time.
por anonymous 15 de Julho de 2003
6 17
noun: A person whom you cannot identify upon, they can be a boy or girl.
Boy or Girl = bog
OH MYYYYY! Dude did you just see that bog!?
por Richard Park 23 de Fevereiro de 2007
15 28
1. verb - To delay action in a matter or procrastinate.
2. verb - To be running late
3. noun (as "bogger") - One who is habitually late or slow to effect action. Particularly grevious examples can me referred to as "bogmasters"
1. "We must leave promptly at noon. Please do not bog!"
2. "Excuse me for bogging... I got wrapped up in something and lost track of time"
3. "Must we wait again for Dave? He is always such a bogger!"
por J. Morrison 24 de Agosto de 2006
6 19
bunch of giggles.
emily: i just tripped
bill: BOG
por bigd***101 26 de Julho de 2010
1 15