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The most awesome and bizarre western movie ever, directed by Mel Broooks, 1974.
Gene Wilder to Clansmen: "Oh boys! Looky what I got here!"
Cleavon Little: "Hey, where are the white women at?"
por 05 de Setembro de 2004
211 72
Sexual position wherein a woman rides a man reverse cowgirl while he takes a dump on the toilet.
Tommy thought that he liked blumpkins, but when Suzie upgraded him to a Blazing Saddle, he found his new favorite position.
por pattenhere 16 de Abril de 2010
8 8
While fornicating with a fine biddy, pour tabasco on your dick and make the bitch ride your cock.
I took this chick back to my farmhouse and let her ride my blazing saddles.
por BitchNigga12675 21 de Fevereiro de 2011
9 14
Denotes extreme and unbearable heat. As in, the type of heat only found within the southern recesses of Hades.
You: Dog, its like 90 degrees!
Me: It Blazing Saddles!
por MaZe 12 de Fevereiro de 2004
8 52