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A man who, instead of behaving in a manly way, such as standing up for his actions or staying out of other people's buisness, behaves the way a woman, or bitch would, participating in gossip and talking behind other people's backs, with the ultimate goal of causing drama, like a woman (bitch) would.
Nigga's always runnin up to me on the street, "This nigga said this, this nigga said that...", man I don't give a fuck what that Bitch Nigga Said...
por Beemer 08 de Julho de 2007
894 216
A man who does something very punkish, who can't keep his mouth shut when he fucks up.
Did you hear that Kobe Bryant implicated Shaq for affairs when he got busted? What a bitch nigga!
por Dwayne 02 de Outubro de 2004
550 202
A man who acts in a bitchy way towards other men.
Because Mr. Jones focused on the most petty things about Mike to make an issue out of towards his superiors so he could exercise control over him, that made him a bitch ass nigga.
por anonymous 09 de Maio de 2003
568 240
lil bow wow
fuck that bitch nigga lil bow wow, non rappin ass nigga
por im just dat nigga 16 de Março de 2009
438 261
a term that designates anyone whom you particularly dislike
see motherfucker
get offa mah playground, BITCH NIGGA
por fat ass joe 24 de Janeiro de 2004
215 113
Bitch Nigga is a term that refers to a male, who reacts to situations in a female way.
Chris threw a tantrum because someone drank his vodka, he's such a bitch-nigga.

"You went shopping with your girl for shoes?? you bitch-nigga"!

"Bitch-nigga, your more of a bitch than a bitch"
por pingi22 24 de Junho de 2009
170 72
Someone who doesn't ever want to do shit and always complains. That person usually is only part of the group because he drives. He also usually thinks he knows everything, and if you try to disagree with him, you will be called dumb. not to be confused with homo thug.

Its like a disease that it hard to cure.the fda only has one cure for being a bitch nigga, pussy. Even tho weed can also help with the problem.
Ted: Yo lenny you want to go to the club.
Lenny(bitch nigga): Nah
Ted: want to go to this open crib
Lenny: Nah I don't know anyone
Ted: So we can meet some girls.
Lenny: Nah
Teddy: Want to go to a hot poppin bar?
5 minutes later
Lenny: I hate this shit there's never anything to do.
Ted: Damn son yous a bitch nigga

Ted: lenny was a real bitch nigga, till he started gettin some fuckin pussy.
por killaking 10 de Julho de 2007
165 98