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a weapon mainly a pistol.
Eh man this fool was talkin shit to me and i ran to my ride grabed my biscut and blasted that fool in the face.
por movahughn 10 de Junho de 2005
82 42
A female of the utmost hottness.

Goes along with sausage
"Whoh! Look at that biscut! I would like to pound her!"

"Kelly is such a fucking biscut, I blow my load everytime I see her!"

"Damn! It's all sausage in here! Where are the fucking biscuts?"
por Dave Zillion 05 de Abril de 2005
34 44
A game in which a group of guys circles around a biscut and masturbates. The last guy to ejaculate, must eat the biscut.
Biscut! Biscut! Biscut!
por John 11 de Fevereiro de 2004
47 68
1. A lump of shit
2. A piece of fecal matter
3. Shite
4. A piece of poop
Johnny left a biscut floating in the toilet
por Damian B 22 de Outubro de 2004
14 41
the act of reciving or giving sexaual pleasure
Im pissed i had to wack off tonight i didnt get no biscut
por Bob the bitch 15 de Dezembro de 2005
12 41
An extremely cute guy. ----See Francescia Lia Block's "I Was a Teenage Fairy".
"That guy over there is a complete biscut."
por Skye 24 de Agosto de 2003
9 40
the act of recieving oral pleasure
Dat boys gonna get dat biscut from that dick sucking ass hoe
por bobsalkdfe 05 de Outubro de 2005
6 39