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1/. a girl, chick, woman, female

2/. (UK) a stint of time in a correctional facility (jug). Originally used by Sixties Cockney gangsters and Eastenders types.
1/. 'Is that Dave's new bird? Man she's mingin!'

2/. 'Keep yer head down - I ain't doing bird for you'
por therealrichieedwards 01 de Maio de 2004
654 462
A term used in Chicago, describes a girl that gets around, basically a girl that's loose.
-Damn man look at her, imma wife her.
~Man you don't want that bird.
por K-EEZY 13 de Junho de 2006
326 249
girls, because they general travel in groups or "flocks"
yo nigga where the birds at
por jbuckets 22 de Junho de 2005
442 366
(Brit) Across the midlands and other regions of England, a "bird" merely means a female of the species. It has no other, more sinister connotations.
The plural is, naturally, "birds", but you wouldn't be stupid enough to call it a flock.
"Oi Pete, izzat your bird?" (in this instance it refers to the respondent's girlfriend)
por THE Lesbian 08 de Dezembro de 2004
267 223
A Scottish slang word that a male would say towards an attractive female.
Look at that bird, she so hot!
por William Semple 31 de Agosto de 2008
153 116
Generally a girl or young woman who comes across as vain, ditzy, stupid or useless.
Quit talking about your hair, you dumb bird.
por KJ 03 de Outubro de 2003
107 74
key of dope
birds go for 10,500 from me
por SARAh 09 de Dezembro de 2003
79 59