Top Definition
Means excellent, very good or cool.
Woah, that's a real belter!

Heh, what a belter!
por the DustRoom 21 de Fevereiro de 2003
South African slang for a beautiful girl
Man, she is a belter
por speedismyfriend 19 de Outubro de 2005
slang for "idiots"
originated in dundee, but has spread to other parts of the UK
bloke from dundee: "would ya look a tha
em men tryna eat tha lampost!wa a bunch a belters!"
por j gollick 13 de Julho de 2006
a hot sunny day, sunshine, hot weather
I think today is gonna be a belter
por ikuo1 17 de Junho de 2006
a literal doozy. pure topper man cheers
aye its a belter of a day!
por boabyshambles 02 de Dezembro de 2005
commonly used by bmxers in the hastings area, meaning good, ie if someone does something nuts or something good happens the word to describe it would be a belter
"last night was a belter" "yeah, ben done that handrail, it was a belter"
por cellardoor4130 28 de Maio de 2005
derivative of the geordie word "belta" of the same meaning
That old Heworth Comprehensive saying "belta-buzz"
por fusco 02 de Setembro de 2003

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