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Inspired by the decor of the Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV - it is ornately fabulous, but not stuffy; overdressed but still hip.
I must say, William, your jacket is sooo bellage - it really compliments your Movado watch.
por allaboutgroove 08 de Outubro de 2012
14 0
Verb - to epically blow your load on someone, Peter North style, in a fashion reminiscent of the fountains at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.
I totally bellaged that girl last night.
por gurgleburgle 30 de Maio de 2010
5 1
A wonderful place in Las Vegas only accessible to the really, really... REALLY rich. But it's no BIG deal, really.
Hey Steve Bellage, why don't we go blow some of our golden nuggets at the Bellage?
por Cashew324 06 de Maio de 2009
3 2
Noun: the exposure of midriff, that is, of bare belly, the stomach.
When she raised her arms her shirt rose up and she flashed bellage.
por The Bikini Scientist 25 de Março de 2011
0 0
Verb: To eat Taco Bell.
I'm getting my bellage on.
por micole.3 16 de Junho de 2009
2 6