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An unsavoury person

An asshole
Shut it ya mad bamstick!
por madtamski 07 de Setembro de 2004
Chiefly Scottish slang for a mad person, lunatic, or someone who displays such tendencies, often verging on being dangerous to the general public.
That Charlie Sheen is a complete bamstick.
por macstu23 12 de Março de 2011
An object that can be brought down upon your enemies when you want to totally flip out.
"I am so pissed that I am going to totally whup out the Bam Stick on your ass."
por Windsor 14 de Março de 2003
Also, exclamation to be yelled when totally flipping out on someone.
"BAMSTICK! I just WHOOPED your ass!"
por Swan 08 de Maio de 2003