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A word to express the excitement when an argument is won by a person.
The word was created by Steven Fox and not Claire McGowan
Haha I told you you were wrong! Bam!
por Department of English Language 04 de Fevereiro de 2014
1 1
To signify that you're finished with something.
I just ate all of my cheeseburger. Bam!
por TooTallTyler 08 de Março de 2013
6 7
And the dirt is gone!
BAM! and the dirt is gone!
por jjkds 19 de Junho de 2010
6 7
Acronym in the Marine Corps for "Broad Assed Marine", or Female Marine
check out that bam, Sir!
por oorah-cheeto 31 de Outubro de 2011
9 11
A sweat word to help peer pressure your friends
Ben, do it! BAM!
por A$$ grabber 04 de Abril de 2011
0 2
The process of flicking someone off, then yelling bam!
Guy 1: Hey Bob!
Guy 2: ..|.' BAM!
Guy 1: Wtf why did you flick me off?
*Guy 2 gets his ass beat*
por JSwanson 14 de Dezembro de 2007
4 6
A word used to highlight, or show appreciation for, an awesome shutdown.
G-Unit: Ha Ha get a load of that arse (points at some fat random)
Siggy: yeah... like you can talk
Jess: bam!
por guesssss.... 30 de Maio de 2005
4 6