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A big erection
Ohhh that chick gave me Abe
por joefish 28 de Junho de 2004
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A nickname used by women to describe a sexy or abnormally good looking man
Hey, look at the ABe over there
#sexy #hot #beautiful #smokin' #studly
por blueintheveins 08 de Agosto de 2007
Someone that is freeking crazy and or amazing
Dude that guys so Abe.
#abe #crazy #awesome #leet #juke
por TheJuke 10 de Novembro de 2005
Five Dollar bill.

reffering to the fact that abe lincoln is on the five dollar bill
Guy 1: Yo man i need some ends, lemme get bum

Guy 2: how much

Guy 1: an Abe
#cash #ends #president #lincoln #cheddar
por Devil Monkey 18 de Setembro de 2008
A new-age name for God. Like, even more new-age than "Jesus."
Atheist: Abe doesn't exist.
Abe: Yes I do.
Atheist: Oh. Oh... Wow...

Devout follower: WWAD? What Would Abe Do?
por GodlyAbe 10 de Maio de 2005
Who any true Scotsman supports at a major football tournament, Anyone But England.
C'mon ABE, let's beat these arrogant febs.
#england #football #world cup #ian wright #lolz
por Rory the Sheep 10 de Outubro de 2009
All Black Everything: The coordination of appearel in ALL black. A nature of swagger.Representation of style and sophistacation par to none. Dressing like a shadow and making it fashionable. A calm expression of demeanor.
#black #clothing #sophistication #swagger #business
por A.llB.lackE.verything 05 de Janeiro de 2010
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