A safe way to call a person a hermaphrodite to their face. Unless the person speaks German, then you're out of luck.
Person 1: Hi, Zwitter.
Hermaphrodite: Hey, guys. I might just have the best nickname, of all.
#hermaphrodite #male #female #both #neither?
por p@$$ing thr.ugh 13 de Janeiro de 2010
Top Definition
Its German for hermaphrodite, also a very shway Rammstein song.
Yo...this kid Nickolicious is a Switter.
por Smythe 28 de Março de 2003
1-hermaphrodite in german
2-also a rammstein song
3-for more info, read "middlesex" by jeffrey eugenides
por Anonymous 11 de Março de 2003
To be a man and a woman;both reproductive body parts
You are such a zwitter!ewwwww!
por Christine Winger 28 de Dezembro de 2003
German for Hermaphrodite
Oh Sheisse! du ist eine Zwitter
#zwitter #zwiter #rammstein #rammstien #german #nazi #hitler
por Brother Barney 13 de Dezembro de 2005
a much uber cooler way to say hermaphrodite it is also a rammstien song
stick it in your pussy you zwitter
#hermaphrodite #zwiter #man girl #bi gender #futanari
por sonne000 10 de Julho de 2008
Taken from the German Rammstein song, "Zwitter."
New meaning: "CK, *awesome* guy from Germany"
Also Zwit, Zwittie, Zwitterchen.
see uberraschungsei
Luv ya Zwitter!
por Myrtle 28 de Junho de 2004
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