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A word used to describe frustration, shock, or questioning. Can be uttered in many tones. Can be synonymous with "What the heck?" or "Huh?"
Gina: A pickled stuffed matress. Kewl.
Sonia: Whay? Sleeping in a hammock mouthing the words to Eye of the Tiger?
por AReallyMajesticLookingBeast 16 de Agosto de 2009
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Whay - Used when something funny or misfortunate for someone has happened. Commonly used in schools.
por Soothy 07 de Agosto de 2008
37 30
Modification of "why?" used to indicate a particular tone of voice when communicating online. This is associated with blondes and can be best visualized with a cocked head and hair twirled around a pinky finger.
"so this guy walks into a bar--"
"wait whay?"
por junkyard prince 10 de Outubro de 2003
33 29
the word "well hey" combined into two words. Formerly used by 2pac in his song "Changes."
"whay, that's the way it is."
por hgqp28ghpq2 01 de Julho de 2005
21 27